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Making a Difference, One Dose at a Time®

It takes an average of 2 minutes to dispense medication to patient with our software and processes.

A practice could build and operate its own program. They would be hard-pressed to replicate our software platform, the prescription drug purchasing power of our supply chain network and our experienced constant monitoring of, and adapting to, changing commercial insurance prescription reimbursements.

Our physician member can determine the cost savings to the patient. Our sophisticated software allows the office to run a pre-eligibility analysis on each patient.

There are intangible costs to patients – time, savings, and convenience.

Our software runs patients’ specific insurance coverage and cross-references it with the products in your formulary (the products expressed by the most interest in dispensing at your practice). Our physician member will know IN ADVANCE whether the product the physician has in mind for each patient will be adjudicated and at what level.

If a physician is already dispensing in any capacity, they’ve seen the benefits of doing so for greater patient convenience and compliance. The patients and the practice can benefit by expanding the dispensary to include our commercial insurance program.

Currently, Medicare and Medicaid don’t offer reimbursement for point-of-care dispensing. The physician member can get reimbursed for medications covered under a supplement HMO plan to Medicare if the physician member has a contract with the PBM administering that given plan.

Our supply chain network only offers non-opioid medications from many different therapeutic categories and formulations – orals and topical, etc. Popular products include anti-inflammatories, topical anesthetics, muscle relaxants, topical steroids, proton pump inhibitors, and migraine medications. All products are single NDC products.

  • We credential and license our physician member to become an in-house dispensary at no charge.
  • Our software has an order entry module for ordering and re-ordering medications. Members purchase products from the same supply chain as a retail pharmacy.
  • We provide insurance pre-eligibility for patients based upon practice’s weekly schedules
  • We provide web-based and on site training and support.
  • Our cash management systems handles all of the accounting associated with dispensing
  • We provide software that labels medications, provides medication guidelines and electronically sends reimbursement for the medications to the commercial payers.
  • Physician member keeps 100% of co-pays.
  • No increase in staff needed, only physician to finalize transaction to dispense. The process takes on avg. 2 minutes

Being a member of our network ensures relevant information is readily accessible for the practice to respond to the audit quickly and comprehensively. We do “mock” audits periodically to ensure documentation is being kept properly.

A members’ profit margin varies depending on the types of products dispensed. Typically, for the commercially reimbursable products the net profit margin ranges from 40-53%. For cash pay products, the physician sets their own price to charge the patient and therefore sets the profit margin.

Our inventory control software sends an alert to your office. Products can be returned in accordance with supply chain partners’ return policies.

NO. Our software integrates with most EMR systems. When the member electronically submits a prescription to be filled, the member would submit the order back to the practice. Print it out and dispense.

YES. Physicians spend more time with patients. Patient compliance increases. Short term and long-term health insurance claims are reduced. Incentives to prescribe alternate pain medications reduces drug recovery costs for insurance companies.

We work with the office to determine the order size. It’s important to us the practice maintain optimal inventory levels. Our inventory module and your account manager make this step easy. Our supply chain partners can always FedEx overnight urgent orders.