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Making a Difference, One Dose at a Time®

SperiTek® is a subscription-based technology network that is disrupting the healthcare industry as we know it today with an intelligent suite of products and solutions that redefine the relationship between the healthcare provider and patient.

Our innovative platforms are engineered to solve identified shortfalls in healthcare across four primary segments – Compliance, Convenience, Cost, and Care – and stand on more than five years of authoritative data and research from the largest in-house dispensing company of its kind.


Through our first-to-market healthcare technology, SperiTek®:

  • Enables members to dispense pre-packaged non-opioid medications directly to their patients at the time of their office visit
  • Subsidizes shortfalls in healthcare programs that use state or federal funds
  • Reduces costs for self-insured entities
  • Mitigates the risk of opioid addiction
  • Reduces healthcare costs of drug recovery treatment programs
  • Provides members access to a free employee benefits program
  • Gives back to the community through a philanthropic initiative to fund healthcare coverage for those in need

We believe our revolutionary way to approach healthcare will build stronger communities for our children, grandchildren, and for generations to come. With our model of accountable and cost-effective care, we aim to make a difference, one dose at a time.

Reach out to learn how you can be a part of disrupting the healthcare industry of tomorrow while adding a new revenue stream.